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Shoulder Pain

A common, but lesser known injury from a car accident is shoulder pain or discomfort. The shoulder joint has the greatest range of motion of any joint in the body, which also makes it most likely to be injured. The severe impact to the shoulder joint caused from an auto accident can result in several different types of shoulder injury.

Common symptoms of shoulder injury include:

Shoulder injuries following an accident can range from bruising, strains/sprains, fractures to a rotator cuff tear. It is crucial to have a proper examination by a professional at a health care clinic like First Health Medical Center as soon as possible. You may think the pain is minimal and will go away on its own, but without proper treatment, your injury could become a lifelong issue.

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    At First Health Medical Center we specialize in personal injury rehabilitation for treatment for automobile accidents, sports injuries or work-related pain. Our experienced, specialized doctors can evaluate your pain and provide a treatment plan that fits your unique needs. Plus, if your injury is the result of an auto accident or personal injury, we are experienced in filing the necessary paperwork and insurance requirements.

    Shoulder Pain, Chiropractic Care | First Health Medical Center
    Shoulder Pain, Chiropractic Care | First Health Medical Center

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    • Painful, tender or stiff shoulder that hurts more at night, sometimes causing difficulty sleeping
    • Pain in a specific area of the shoulder that worsens with use
    • Tingling or numbness in the shoulder
    • Difficulty in moving the shoulder
    • Swelling or weakness in the shoulder


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