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Chiropractic Wellness

Chiropractic Treatments

Feel Better & Improve Performance with a natural, drug-free approach. Pain medication can be extremely addictive. However, chiropractic adjustments offer pain relief, reduced inflammation and increase range of motion without drugs.

Chiropractic Wellness

At First Health Medical Center our medical director and chiropractic team work together to design a custom treatment plan to reduce, or even eliminate your pain.

  • Relief from neck and back pain
  • Relief from stress and tension
  • Relief for joint pain
  • Improved range of motion
  • Improved flexibility


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    Who can benefit from Chiropractic Care?

    Whether you lead an active lifestyle, or your job requires you to be less active, you can benefit from a Chiropractic Wellness Program. Your spinal column is made up of 24 independent vertebrae, which allow your body to move, twist, and bend through every motion of your busy day. It also protects the central nervous system that controls and coordinates every muscle, tissue and organ of the body. Both exercise, and lack of exercise, can cause spinal compression, which can lead to increased pain and decreased range of motion.

    Three Stages of Chiropractic Wellness

    Stage 1


    Initial symptoms include persistent pain, dull aches, decreased range of motion, or “clicking” or “popping” with basic neck or joint movement. Our medical director and chiropractic team will help identify the source of your pain, which can be caused by a misaligned spine or spinal compression, and recommend a course of treatment. Initial treatment for pain relief may require 2-4 visits per week, as well as icing and stretching at home.

    Stage 2


    Chiropractic Wellness allows the body to heal itself with correct spinal alignment, increased blood flow and increased communication with the central nervous system. During the Recovery stage you should feel less pain and see an increased range of motion, however soft tissue damage may still be present. At this stage your doctor may recommend less treatments per week.

    Stage 3


    At First Health Medical Center we have a saying, “don’t chase pain.” Too often, patients come to see us when they are in extreme pain and then stop treatment as soon as the pain subsides. A better approach to over all wellness is to include routine chiropractic treatments after you have had a full recovery, which may include one or two visits per month. This is especially important when the pain was caused by a daily routine that you continue to do such as exercise, sitting a work for long periods of time, driving long distances or strenuous, repetitive movements.