Neck Pain

Neck Pain, Chiropractic Care Fresno | First Health Medical CenterMany people do not realize how much they move their neck throughout the day, until they are limited by neck pain. The neck is crucial for bodily function, yet sensitive to sudden movement and force, making it very susceptible to injury.

Jerking motion from a car accident or other impact-related trauma can cause various related injuries to the spine. Common accident-related neck injuries include pinched nerve, neck sprain, neck strain, herniated disc and whiplash.

Serious neck injury can occur in a car accident where the vehicles are moving as slow as 5 MPH. If you are feeling pain after a car accident, it is important to get it examined, diagnosed and documented to prevent future pain and expenses. If you are experiencing neck pain from an automobile accident, or other trauma, don’t wait for it to go away on its own.

Signs of Neck Injury

Look for these symptoms of neck injury:
• Pain in the neck area
• Headaches
• Pain in shoulders, arms and hands
• Numbness or weakness in arms and hands
• Muscle spasms in the neck
• Reduced range of motion in the neck

At First Health Medical Center we specialize in personal injury rehabilitation for treatment for automobile accidents, sports injuries or work-related pain. Our experienced, specialized doctors can evaluate your pain and provide a treatment plan that fits your unique needs. Plus, if your injury is the result of an auto accident or personal injury, we are experienced in filing the necessary paperwork and insurance requirements.

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